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”A surfing foundation to start shaping”

Nuno Matta, a respected surfer and shaper, was one of the best Portuguese competitors of the 90’s, disputing National titles, plus many results in the top 16 of the EPSA European circuit. Even after he stopped competing, this talented and highly motivated surfer has always been in the forefront of high performance surfing in Europe.

Nuno carries inside him a indomitable desire to surf. His performances still turn heads, in any kind of wave, any time of the year. Yet he slowly started taking his own path, while still being a competitor, he started to shape his own boards. Born from his passion of riding waves. With much love, dedication and a deep understanding of the relationship between the surfer, the board and the wave he created his first designs. Before he realised it, his career as a shaper kicked off – while Nuno was a fierce competitor (and it was the only European competitor that shaped his own boards).

He went on to learn and grow as a shaper.. while further translating his surfing technique in the designs of his surfboards. Fast forward to years laters and Nuno’s work has been noticed and praised on a international stage, while working with some of the best surfers in the world. The last couple of years were especially remarkable for Nuno. He had the privilege and the opportunity to work with some of the masters in the art of surfboard shaping: Ricardo Martins, Jason Koons, Joca Secco, Xanadu, John Pyzel, Bill Johnson and Tim Patterson.This amazing and privileged exchange has provided Nuno to evolve into the shaper he is today.

Today, Nuno Matta is a shaper.. and remains a passionate surfer. His label MATTAshapes grows rapidly into one of the most visible surfboard manufacturers in Europe and in the world. His factory is small enough to care, big enough to make a difference.

No matter how big MATTAshapes will become, Nuno will never forget where he has came from. A place and a desire born from pure passion.

Surfing is his love, his life and this will never change.



After mainly working these last years for other surfboard manufacturers and other projects, Nuno Matta has reinvented and relaunched himself.

Since 20 years of surfboard shaping he now launches his own brand, MATTA SHAPES SURFBOARDS. A legacy begins.

The current surfboard lineup is already tested by the team – and are under continuous development. Nuno’s team riders are a praised combination of the world’s best surfers from all over the world. Legends from the surfing world combined with highly talented surfer’s rising from surprising, rising countries. All of Nuno’s surfers can deliver unique feedback from the widest conditions possible. From big wave open ocean swells to North sea and Mediterranean wind waves, Nuno’s team riders all have their own experience that translates in truly unique MATTAshapes designs.


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